History of the Band

The Beginning


       It all started several years ago when Mark and Roy were in a band known as “One Name”. Mark had to work a lot of hours at his job and even though he had to quit, Roy kept right on playing. A few months had passed and a friend of Marks’, singer/songwriter/bass player Scott asked Mark if he would be interested in starting a band with him. Mark’s job had slowed down quite a bit so he agreed. It wasn’t long after he agreed to start this new band that he decided to call Roy and invite him too to become a part of it. With Roy being in a different band, he only agreed to fill in when needed. By God’s grace, however, “One Name” had faded and as a result, Roy was now able to participate on a full-time basis. So, at this point we had Scott on the bass, Mark on rhythm, and Roy on lead, now all we needed was a drummer. Then, one day a few weeks later, Roy came into practice and advised us all that he had met a drummer at Wal-Mart named JD. JD had been with the band now for about a week and asked, “Do we have a band name yet?”, we all looked at each other and realized that we hadn’t yet come up with a name and as a result, JD suggested Fishers of Men. The name sounded good and the fact that it referred to Matt. 4:19-20 made it that much better.  However, we found it was a common name and finally change it to “Fire 4 Him”.  After a couple of years of playing together, Scott and JD for their own reasons, had to leave the band, leaving Roy and I to keep the music alive. Ever since Scott and JD left the band we’ve had drummers come and go, however by the grace of God Bro Danny was asked and agreed to play the bass for us. Then, a couple years later Roy recruited Jeremy as our band manager. That my friends is how “Fire 4 Him” was started.


Roy Majors:Vocalist/Guitar
Mark Johnson: Rhythm/Vocals
Danny Gurley: Bass/Vocals
Gary Pack:Drums