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Danny Gurley  РBass & Vocalist

Daniel Gurley:
Okay my testimony, how can I do this there’s just so many things that God has done for me,
there’s so many things that I can testify about that God has done, I know he took a little boy who
had no vision no family and who was just broken with no purpose in life and turn him all the way
around and give this man a purpose, a life, and a new family. If I had to pick one moment where
I knew that I had actually had an encounter with God it would be in 1996 in a hospital I used to
sneak into to sleep at night (I was homeless), I remember I was at the end of my rope and
feeling very alone, broken and tired of the mess that I’ve been going through that I’ve been
putting myself through and I remember just asking God why, you know it seem I been asking
God that a long time why, why, why, why did I have to get taken from my family why do I have to
be out here alone with no one, why did you send me through these institutions I didn’t do
anything wrong I’m just a kid, she gave me up, why did you let my brother get taken away, man
there were just so many questions. In the flashback of my mind I would think of all the things
that I was so tired of doing, drinking, drugs and I just started to cry, I just broke all the way down
and I just cried out to God and I was like, I don’t know if you’re out there or not I’ve heard about
you but if you’re real I need some help here, I’m tired of doing the things that I am doing and I’m
tired of living this way I’m tired of holding on to anger I’m just tired. Help!!! After a few minutes of
crying and snot flowing from my nose, I pulled myself together and when I stood up in this
waiting room in the hospital that I had snuck into, I just remember a sense of overwhelming
peace that just washed over me, no there was no one there to lead me to the altar to say the
sinner’s prayer no I didn’t speak in tongues or do backflips or anything like that but I can testify
to this, that God will meet you right where you’re at, that night I knew deep in my soul deep in
my spirit, everything was going to be okay and boy let me tell you, I’ve never felt a peace like
that before in my life, peace like that, it just doesn’t make sense. Best thing I can say, I know
now that when God gives you a new perspective and a heart of flesh not of stone, things
change, you change. I got delivered from alcohol, crack cocaine, methamphetamines and weed,
it didn’t take anyone’s Treatment Center and I’m not saying that that’s going to be the case for
everyone. All I know is I can testify that Jesus saves and in my case I know it was God because
I wasn’t ready to quit but he was ready to show me a new way and I answered the call, it’s been
on ever since. Praise God!!!